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Friday, March 25, 2011

Cooking in Colorado

Once all ten of us made it to the Ski Haus, we headed to the grocery store to prepare for the week. Chris and his friends love to cook and are really good at it, so I was excited for the meals.

We managed to squeeze nine of us into the van and headed to the grocery store. Five full carts later we were challenged with squeezing back into the van with all of our groceries.
Thankfully all those games of tetris paid off and we made it back for cookfest:
Throughout the week we had amazing steaks:
Dramatic Bananas Foster:
And hearty breakfasts:
Here's Kate (Tara and Lyon's daughter) with egg on her face!
Let's pause to acknowledge how cute she is.

Get it? Egg on her face! I truly thought I was the only one who was so tickled by this pun. But when everyone else downloaded their photos to our shared photobucket site... I found 4 more photos of Kate with egg on her face! My humor feels so validated!

Egg on the face! If Kate had been around when that phrased was coined, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't mean "to be embarrassed" it would mean, "to be ridiculously adorable".

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