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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Easter Pics

I didn't do a great job with Easter this year. Bradley and I practiced picking up Easter Eggs, but never with a surprise in them. So he was really unenthusiastic  about his school's Easter Egg hunt!
In fact, he spent a lot of time dumping out his eggs or giving them to the other kids:
The most excited he got was when an airplane flew overhead!
I thought he might make it out with one egg:
But he took it out of his bucket shortly after this photo was taken.

Easter Sunday wasn't much better.
My dad brought some of those eggs with confetti in them.
The older cousins loved smashing them! Bradley stayed confused.

Ah well. Happy Easter!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Kitchen Tunnels

I recently got Bradley one of those pop-up tunnels:
I think it's safe to say he likes it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Helotes Highland Games

In early April, Chris, Bradley and my parents took a trip to San Antonio for the Highland Games.

Bradley, of course, dressed the part:
Here's a pic of the back (with the pleats that I worked hard to master!):

In my recent genealogy I have Stewart ancestry and this is the modern dress tartan for the Stewart Clan. So that's kind of fun (and nerdy).

Bradley enjoyed running around the festival, petting the various dogs and eating Scottish foods.
But what he REALLY enjoyed... was the Viking Invasion:
This is a group of actors that puts on shows about Viking life. The portion we saw was complete with live steel fighting, lots of drama and just enough violence to keep the crowd in suspense.

Bradley loved it.

When it was over, we checked out the swords and shields for sale. At first glance, you would think they were way too big for Bradley... but once he got that sword in his hand...
It was go time.

He had quite an instinctual knowledge of how to use that sword and shield.
My Aunt is is heavily involved with the Viking Invasion and we loved spending time with her (and Bradley loved having an expert show him around!)
It was a fun family weekend and we look forward to taking Bradley (and his baby brother) back again!

Monday, July 21, 2014

A few Bluebonnet pics

As per Texas tradition, I took Bradley to get some Bluebonnet photos this year:
He was excited that I let the dinosaur tag along.
Don't tell anyone, but he might have grabbed a bluebonnet leaf before I could get to him. I'm pretty sure you go to Texas jail for doing that...
The next location was going well.
Until Bradley spotted a cow:
And that pretty much ended our bluebonnet photoshoot of 2014.
(That's Bradley running towards the barbed wire fence that separates him from a cow.)

Next year I'll be doing this with a toddler and a newborn... yikes!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Business Trip Tag Along

In March, Bradley and I tagged along on one of Chris' business trips to Baton Rouge. Even though we are often there visiting family, this was my first time to stay there a few days downtown.

Our hotel could not have been better for my truck-loving toddler. There was a construction site across from breakfast!
Later Bradley and I took a trip to visit Mike the Tiger:
It was a cool, overcast day and Mike was more active than I've ever seen him!
Bradley practicing his "roar":
I had this few of my little tiger on the walk back to the car:
It was a fun day in downtown Baton Rouge!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Water Table Fun

In March, my friend Amy hosted a drive-way playdate. Five boys, lots of toys and a water table.

Guess where Bradley played the whole time?
This little boy LOVES the water!
I quickly realized this activity should be clothing optional:
 Eventually the other boys joined in the fun:
But they diversified their fun with all of the many toys on the drive-way. Bradley? He stayed put at the water table until it was time to leave!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Extended Hill Family Mini-Vaca 2014

In March, the extended Hills took a quick trip to New Orleans.

I don't have many photos from the weekend, but it was an enjoyable time for the siblings to get together, the cousins to play and for all of us to enjoy hanging out with PD.

On Saturday morning we went to the Aquarium. Then that afternoon we enjoyed lunch at Peche. Later we left the kids with our wonderful babysitter and had drinks on the patio (with a game of Jumbo Jenga and Jumbo Connect Four).

That evening we dined. Seriously, dinner lasted 6 hours. When you dine with PD Hill, you DINE.

Sunday morning we attended the House of Blues Gospel Brunch where Laura and Justin were called up to the stage and serenaded for their Anniversary- very cute.

It was a great weekend; I only wish I had been more of a shutterbug!

Here are some photos from the Aquarium:
(Chris and Bradley checking out the fish.)

(Maria and PD, too!)
(Lucy wasn't so sure about those fish...)
(But Bradley LOVED them!)
(He really wanted to touch a penguin.)
(All of the cousins checking out the fish.)
(When given the chance, LUCY was all about touching the manta-ray and Bradley was not at all. I was shocked!)
(Posed shots might take another year to master...)

A great weekend!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bradley and the Houston Rodeo

Bradley didn't get to visit the Houston Rodeo last year... so I made it up to him by going twice this year!

The first time was with his pal Joey.
They especially enjoyed the baby chicks.
And got a front-row seat of a steer parade as they were coming back from being judged.

(And apparently, they did not want to smile for the camera... sigh...)

Later that week, Chris came along and we had a family day at the rodeo.

He loved the chicks again. (And needed a hair-cut!)
He got to pet a bunny (which he enthusiastically calls "a bun!").
And loved running around the bunny cages looking at the different types.
He REALLY enjoyed the hand-sanitizer stations and repeatedly visited each one he saw.
The petting zoo was especially fun.
He was gentle, but not at all shy as he pet the different animals!
Chris and I have always enjoyed watching the Mutton Bustin' (where kids 4-7?) get to ride sheep as though it were a bull. It's hilarious. We were sad to see that Bradley is too young, but he sure enjoyed watching!
Studying the technique.
And cheering on the contestants!
I tried to get a shot of Bradley with the iconic Astrodome... while I still can. :(
Some silly time with Dad before the Pig Races (my favorite!).
Ready for the show to start.
Volunteering to help cheer on his section (he didn't get picked... shocking...)
Cheering on his favorite pig!
Then he "drove" a tractor.
And really enjoyed playing in a "sandbox" of corn kernels. 

The weather was perfect, the crowds were low and Bradley was in great spirits. It was a perfect day at the Houston Rodeo!