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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bradley and the Houston Rodeo

Bradley didn't get to visit the Houston Rodeo last year... so I made it up to him by going twice this year!

The first time was with his pal Joey.
They especially enjoyed the baby chicks.
And got a front-row seat of a steer parade as they were coming back from being judged.

(And apparently, they did not want to smile for the camera... sigh...)

Later that week, Chris came along and we had a family day at the rodeo.

He loved the chicks again. (And needed a hair-cut!)
He got to pet a bunny (which he enthusiastically calls "a bun!").
And loved running around the bunny cages looking at the different types.
He REALLY enjoyed the hand-sanitizer stations and repeatedly visited each one he saw.
The petting zoo was especially fun.
He was gentle, but not at all shy as he pet the different animals!
Chris and I have always enjoyed watching the Mutton Bustin' (where kids 4-7?) get to ride sheep as though it were a bull. It's hilarious. We were sad to see that Bradley is too young, but he sure enjoyed watching!
Studying the technique.
And cheering on the contestants!
I tried to get a shot of Bradley with the iconic Astrodome... while I still can. :(
Some silly time with Dad before the Pig Races (my favorite!).
Ready for the show to start.
Volunteering to help cheer on his section (he didn't get picked... shocking...)
Cheering on his favorite pig!
Then he "drove" a tractor.
And really enjoyed playing in a "sandbox" of corn kernels. 

The weather was perfect, the crowds were low and Bradley was in great spirits. It was a perfect day at the Houston Rodeo!

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