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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

6 AND 7 Months with Brenham

Brenham turned 6, then 7 months before I could blink!

Here are some 6 month shots:
Still a little timid, but shares many more smiles!

At 7 months we have even MORE smiles!
We also have 2 teeth, 12 hours of sleep (with about one interruption) and 1 big milestone- pulling up!
Brenham is officially on the go with masterful crawling. He can crawl across the kitchen to find me (and usually, then, pulls up using my leg to balance). He is incredibly snugly and loves to be with mama all.the.time.

Still a little more unsure than Big Brother, Danger.
Here are some side-by-sides of the Hill Brothers:
My two peas in a pod!

Monday, April 27, 2015

White House Easter Eggs

Each year since Bradley was born, we have ordered a White House Easter Egg from the National Park Foundation. These are the eggs that are hunted on the White House lawn and the sales benefit our national parks. So far, our collection is small (Bradley has three and Brenham has one) but each year, we look forward to adding on!
Brenham wasn't so sure at first.
But Bradley was super excited for the chance to play with the "special eggs".

He told Brenham all about them:
As usual, Brenham hung on every word:
Also, as usual, Bradley wanted to take them away ("MINE") and Brenham was left in the dust:
But pretty soon, they were sharing again!
For the record, the orange one is Bradley's and the green one is Brenham's... just wanted to record that somewhere to hopefully thwart a sibling tiff in a few years...

This is such a fun tradition. I love that it teaches some history/politics, is a memento from each year, and helps our national parks!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pi Day

On March 14th, I thought it would be fun to make some pies! Chris thought the idea was great, too! As long as I included apple pie. I wanted blueberry and we both wanted something savory. That is how we ended up with 5 pies on this Pi Day!

My mom came over to teach Bradley and I the correct way to make a pie crust... five times over!
As expected, there was flour... everywhere! Even on Brenham!
And especially on Bradley:
My friend, Lindsay, came over to help with the fillings (and did an amazing job with the crust topping-- especially the lattice on the apple pie!):
Bradley could hardly wait for his pie dinner... and dessert!
It was a long day in the kitchen, but the results were delicious!
Chicken Pot Pie, Apple Pie, (mini) Crawfish Pie, Blueberry Pie and Shepherd's Pie. Whew!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Houston Rodeo

This was Brenham's first time, but it was time to take Bradley back to the Houston Rodeo!
Inside there a lots of animals and exhibits to entertain and teach young Texans. What was Bradley's favorite? The escalator! We rode it twice.

It was a beautiful day and Bradley enjoyed going through the farming exhibit outside.

Planting tomatoes:
Plowing the fields:
Feeding the chickens:
Pumping some well water:
And milking a cow:
It doesn't get more "country" than that!

For the second year in a row, Bradley got most excited about the hand sanitizing stations:
And cheered the mutton bustin' kids:
Two more years until it's your turn, buddy!
Brenham was pretty unimpressed with everything, but enjoyed the time to snuggle with me in the Bjorn:
That was taken at the pig races... sad news: Swifty the Diving Pig wasn't there!! In related news... we tried fried bacon at lunch. It wasn't nearly as good as it sounds.

But Bradley enjoyed his lunch of sausage on a stick!
I love this kid.
A stop back inside to check out the hatching chickens:
And back home on the tram!
Another fun day at the rodeo!

Chris and I went back a few nights later with friends:
We enjoyed the Wine Garden:
And the concert.
And, just like Bradley, we all enjoyed the escalator:

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Baptizing Brenham

On February 15th we had Brenham baptized. It was such a special day!

(Notice Bradley's shoes... poor guy did NOT like them. Thankfully he only had to wear them for a short time.)

We even got a shot from the choir loft:
This (and some great video) was taken by the mom of one of our babysitters (and my former youth choir teacher). I love knowing that our boys have this community!

The Baton Rouge family and all of the Beards were able to attend:
Brenham did a great job. I love knowing that our church family is committed to partnering with Chris and I as we raise our boys and this was a day that celebrates that.

Afterwards, we headed back to the house to let the kids run around!
There was bouncy house chaos:
And a few cousins photos:

The "round one" Hill cousins:
The "round two" Hill cousins:
The Beard cousins:
The oldest and the youngest:
Yep. Try any combination and you're bound to get at least one kid either crying or with his/her fingers in the way or not looking at the camera or looking like they are NOT enjoying the activity. Better get used to it, kids... we won't stop!

We love you, Brenham! We are so thankful for our church and the opportunities it gives us to share God's love for you.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Wrapping up February 2015

A few photos that are great, but don't warrant a whole post by themselves:
Brenham questioning his footwear for the day.

He's a deep thinker, this Brenham.

An awesome book from Usborne books (let me know if you need the hook-up, I know of a great mom who sells them!). It's awesome for a few reasons. It's a book, it helps with fine motor skills and (let's be honest, this is the best part) it keeps Bradley occupied for a whole 15 minutes!!

Bradley plays "elevator" in our kitchen. He opens the chairs like doors and gets in with his stroller. Then he comes out and says, "we're at Mimi's house!" Wouldn't that be nice?
I acquired a used kids' sized picnic table. Bradley and Chris cleaned it up for me and I painted the top with chalkboard paint. FINALLY a Pinterest win!
Bradley really enjoyed cleaning with the soapy water.
Brenham? Not so much.

Lastly, a father/son combo:
Bradley passed out in the car... so we decided to sit in the parking lot to let him sleep. Next thing I know? Chris has passed out too! We Hills are a wild and crazy bunch!