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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

6 AND 7 Months with Brenham

Brenham turned 6, then 7 months before I could blink!

Here are some 6 month shots:
Still a little timid, but shares many more smiles!

At 7 months we have even MORE smiles!
We also have 2 teeth, 12 hours of sleep (with about one interruption) and 1 big milestone- pulling up!
Brenham is officially on the go with masterful crawling. He can crawl across the kitchen to find me (and usually, then, pulls up using my leg to balance). He is incredibly snugly and loves to be with mama all.the.time.

Still a little more unsure than Big Brother, Danger.
Here are some side-by-sides of the Hill Brothers:
My two peas in a pod!