Tales from the Hill's Country

Quips, stories and observations from our adventures in marriage and parenting (as told by Katie).

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Life Lately

A random assortment from the last two weeks:

The Couvillions came to visit and Bradley showed Maria the train at Hermann park. 
They both loved it! When they came back to the house, they dressed up in Bumble Bee and Giraffe costumes and ran around the kitchen yelling "All Aboard!". It was hilarious. Sadly, I didn't get a good shot of the action. Here's the best I could capture:
Brenham came home from the hospital wearing the same "going home" outfit that his big brother, Bradley wore 2 years earlier. And the same outfit that his dad wore over 3 decades ago!
And since he's been home, he's done a lot of sleeping:
Except at night-- that's when he prefers to be awake.

Speaking of nighttime happenings, this was Bradley's recent middle-of-the-night adventure:
He woke up wheezing and having trouble breathing. Since we had a 6 DAY-old, we decided that Chris should go to the ER with Bradley and I'd stay home with Brenham. It was hard sending my first born to the ER without me, but I knew it was best. Turns out he had croup- a quick shot and he's been symptom-free ever since!

Between new brother and his ER visit, parent guilt has spoiled Bradley in a big way!! Here's a recent toy we bought him:
And a drive-in movie experience:
Lastly, we took our first "family of four" outing to Bradley's school's ride-a-thon fundraiser. Basically the kids bring a riding toy and scoot around the "track".

You can't really tell, but this is a photo of me and my boys (Brenham is safely tucked away from germs in the green sling):
All in all it's been an exciting two weeks!

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Hill Boys Meet

Bradley has been SO excited to meet his baby brother and last week he finally got the chance!

When Chris brought Bradley into the hospital room, he immediately pointed to the bassinet and said, "Brenham!" It was the cutest.

I picked up Brenham and told Bradley he could only touch him on the top of the head or the bottoms of the feet (something we've been practicing with his baby doll for quite some time). Bradley leaned over and (completely unprompted) gave Brenham a kiss! At which point my heart exploded. 

He then wanted to kiss the bottoms of Brenham's feet:
 He was SO excited to "hold" his baby brother and dutifully held out his hands:
Then (again, totally unprompted) he gave Brenham a big hug!
Back at home, Bradley wanted to hold Brenham again. This time, Brenham wasn't too sure about it:
But proud Big Brother Bradley sure was!
They got a chance to ride together in the car when Chris dropped Brenham and I off at the pediatrician's office, then took Bradley to school:
Chris said that when we left, Bradley kept pointing to Brenham's carseat and repeating, "Baby Brenham, Baby Brenham!"

I think it's safe to say the Hill boys are off to a good start in their sibling relationship. Here's hoping it stays that way!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bradley's YES day(s)

I'll admit it, Bradley's been pretty spoiled in the days leading up to (and since) Brenham's birth. Chris is off of work and is taking him on lots of fun adventures! Here are some pictures from the a few days before Brenham was born... Bradley is clearly having a blast!

Riding the train around Hermann park:

Roaring at the lions with Dad:
Climbing the seal statue:

Those were all taken the day before Brenham was born, but here are some from the week before.

Bradley and Mommy ice cream date:
Having fun at Target:
And a Halloween costume preview:
It's safe to say, Bradley is LOVING the extra attention and extra adventures. Nobody wants Daddy to go back to work anytime soon!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Baby Brenham Dean

Early Tuesday morning Chris and I left Bradley with my mom and headed to the hospital.
After a fairly easy delivery (that did not include an epidural until 10cm) we met our second son!
Weighing in at 7lbs and 5oz:
He is a perfect little bundle of joy!
After he was born, I had my traditional post-baby cheeseburger:
And it was delicious!

Welcome to the world, Brenham Dean Hill-- we are so very excited that you are in our family!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Only Child Status Expiring Soon

I've been packing our weekends with "forced family fun" so that Bradley can enjoy his last few days as an only child.

We took him to a Slugs and Bugs concert...
He slept through most of it (maybe too much forced family fun??).

Once he woke up, he was pretty subdued about the experience:
Like father, like son!

Overall, though, I think he DID have a good time.

And proof that I was there, too:
Afterwards, we went to Torchy's Tacos where Bradley really perked up!
And, because he's my kid, he refused to eat anything but chips and queso. Attaboy!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Parks and Parties

Bradley went to his first class birthday party last weekend. It was at an indoor playground, which we all loved!
This slide is a lot bigger and taller than the photo suggests and Bradley went down it with zero hesitation. I'm telling you, he has no fear!

The next day we went to an outdoor park (and because it was in the mid-eighty's we decided he should be in a long-sleeve?) where he scaled the rock wall like a champ.

So proud of himself!
And loving the slide!
We're still soaking up these memories with our family of three... and still waiting on the next roommate to make his debut!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Bradley at Brunch

As we wait for Baby Hill #2, we have been soaking up time with our firstborn. This past weekend that continued with some after-church brunch.

I love this kid!

We positioned him so he could watch the football game, and boy was he happy about that!
 Woah, fumble!
Ref! Did you not see that?!
And a touchdown!

Won't be long until you can have your very own Fantasy Football Team, Bradley!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Catching Up

A few pics from the past month or so!

Bradley reading one of his newest favorite books.

Watching Football with Daddy.

Screen time with Papa T.

Exploring the Chick-fil-A playground.

Rainy day outfit.

A little random, but full of cuteness... just like our lives!