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Friday, October 24, 2014

The Hill Boys Meet

Bradley has been SO excited to meet his baby brother and last week he finally got the chance!

When Chris brought Bradley into the hospital room, he immediately pointed to the bassinet and said, "Brenham!" It was the cutest.

I picked up Brenham and told Bradley he could only touch him on the top of the head or the bottoms of the feet (something we've been practicing with his baby doll for quite some time). Bradley leaned over and (completely unprompted) gave Brenham a kiss! At which point my heart exploded. 

He then wanted to kiss the bottoms of Brenham's feet:
 He was SO excited to "hold" his baby brother and dutifully held out his hands:
Then (again, totally unprompted) he gave Brenham a big hug!
Back at home, Bradley wanted to hold Brenham again. This time, Brenham wasn't too sure about it:
But proud Big Brother Bradley sure was!
They got a chance to ride together in the car when Chris dropped Brenham and I off at the pediatrician's office, then took Bradley to school:
Chris said that when we left, Bradley kept pointing to Brenham's carseat and repeating, "Baby Brenham, Baby Brenham!"

I think it's safe to say the Hill boys are off to a good start in their sibling relationship. Here's hoping it stays that way!

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  1. These are the cutest photos ever! Bradley and Brenham - off to a GREAT start.