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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Little Butterball

Bradley had two adorable outfits this Thanksgiving (yes, I'm behind on my blogging):

The first I made with simple iron-on fusible fabric:
Shake those tail feathers, Bradley!
Bradley wore this outfit to his first Thanksgiving Laser Tag outing!
The second outfit Bradley wore on Thanksgiving:
I broke out the monogram machine for the shirt (which, sadly, was a little big) and the sewing machine for the hat (which I made adjustable so MAYBE he can wear it again next year??)

That's one good looking pilgrim!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Bradley: Month Three

At nearly 4 months, I'm finally writing about Bradley at month three!

These were the easiest photos to take so far. Bradley is better at "sitting" (being propped up against the chair) and much more willing to smile than in months past.

Our schedule has gone out the window. Just as I thought we were in a bit of a routine... he changed it up on us! But he's getting more efficient with his nighttime feeding so that's helped us all get a bit more sleep.

Bradley had his first road trip during month three-- to Baton Rouge to celebrate Maria's first birthday! He did great and slept three hours (of the four hour drive) both ways! He also started stroller aerobics with mama... and had his first experience at the polls while mama voted! He was also baptized at our church-- it was a big month for little Bradley!

He's hit the 10lb mark and is continuing to grow. Still in size 1 diapers and 0-6 months clothes. (He easily fits into some newborn clothes, yet some are too tight. Some three month clothes are perfectly, others are falling off of him!)

I'd still describe Bradley has happy, fairly easy-going (as long has he's not tired or hungry) and still loves to smile! He also loves to coo-- especially with mom, dad and mimi. He's also very observant and we often catch him seriously studying the world around him.