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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to Normal?

You might have noticed I haven't put up a blog in a while (hi, mom!) or you might not have missed us at all (hi, everyone else!). Either way-- sorry for the delay!

Two weeks ago Chris, his brother, his brother's wife, his niece, his sister, his sister's husband, his other niece, his dad and his cousin and Bradley and I flew (SIX HOURS) to Anchorage, Alaska to see Chris' cousin, her husband, her boy, her bonus boy and to meet up with Chris' Uncle, his wife and his daughter. Did I miss anyone?? Whew!

By the numbers that's 10 family members on a 6 hour flight (three of whom are under 2) and 18 family members in a house for a week (THANK YOU to our hostess, Alison!!).

Add to that a three hour time difference and the fact that the sun doesn't go down in Alaska in the summer... well let's just say it's taken me a few days (weeks?) to get back to normal. And poor little Bradley is still major league confused! When we got home he slept for sixteen hours-- until 11am-- TWICE! Add an ear infection, a sleepy (yet stubborn) baby at bedtime and some epic meltdowns... so yes, my blogging has been lacking. Sorry.

Here are a few highlights to hold you over before the real recaps begin:

There was a lot of baby carrying for my little crawler (he LOVED the all-day snuggles!)
We saw some AMAZING scenery (here's a glacier):
And here I am hiking to that glacier, with my little hiking buddy:
Bradley loved seeing all sorts of things that he couldn't see in Houston (check out those mountains!):
And we all took some photos with John's moose antlers:
There are many more photos and stories... so stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Unique Toys

Bradley is amazing.


At just 10.75 months he has many abilities.
Pulling things out of the (only half full) trash can.
Pushing down wine bottles.
Eating Solids.
(And by that I mean solid leaves and twigs).
Finding the dangerous cabinets.
Learning that loud shrieks get my attention.

I've had so much fun watching this little human grow and learn all of these skills.


This Mama is tired!!

So when Bradley found the dirty clothes that were chilling in our front-loader... and found it was fun to pull them out... I grabbed a cup of coffee and my camera phone... and enjoyed 15 full minutes of an occupied baby.

Don't worry, mom... it was only a little dirty...

 And so fun to sort!
Ah... that was a nice, quiet 15 minutes...
Now if I can get him to start folding the clean laundry... an occupied baby AND folded laundry?? Think of all the time I'd have!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July Fun

On 4th of July Bradley, Chris and I walked over to enjoy the local parade.

Having seen a few Mardi Gras parades, Bradley was not impressed.
But I was! Half the neighborhood showed up with bikes, wagons and scooters... all decorated for the 4th!

We met up with Bradley's pal, Joey (and their parents) and the boys were adorable in their personalized shirts!
We need to work on our modeling skills, boys...
Joey's got it!

The best family photo we could get (out of fifty):
And one tuckered out little boy ready for nap time:
It was a fun and patriotic morning!

Applique Designs

A spot to collect (and showcase!) my various embroidery/applique options.

Often I snap a quick pick right before rushing the item out the door... so I apologize for blurry photos or bad lighting!

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St. Patty's Day:


4th of July:


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