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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Unique Toys

Bradley is amazing.


At just 10.75 months he has many abilities.
Pulling things out of the (only half full) trash can.
Pushing down wine bottles.
Eating Solids.
(And by that I mean solid leaves and twigs).
Finding the dangerous cabinets.
Learning that loud shrieks get my attention.

I've had so much fun watching this little human grow and learn all of these skills.


This Mama is tired!!

So when Bradley found the dirty clothes that were chilling in our front-loader... and found it was fun to pull them out... I grabbed a cup of coffee and my camera phone... and enjoyed 15 full minutes of an occupied baby.

Don't worry, mom... it was only a little dirty...

 And so fun to sort!
Ah... that was a nice, quiet 15 minutes...
Now if I can get him to start folding the clean laundry... an occupied baby AND folded laundry?? Think of all the time I'd have!!

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  1. I have to say I really love how you list all the new things he discovers and does. :)