Tales from the Hill's Country

Quips, stories and observations from our adventures in marriage and parenting (as told by Katie).

Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween Fun

Halloween this year started with a visit to Bradley's school for a party and parade. Here I am with my little giraffe (and Baby Brenham hanging out in the sling):
And Bradley looking adorable:
Walking with daddy to the Halloween party:
Later we took Bradley and Brenham to my parent's house to trick-or-treat:
I taught Bradley all about trick-or-treating. First you go to the door and say "trick-or-treat!". Then they give you a treat and you say "thank you!". You immediately put the treat in your little pumpkin. It's fun to collect treats! Then you go to sleep. That night the treat fairy will come and take care of your treats. The next morning you're welcome to play with your (now empty) pumpkin for as long as you want! Let's see how long I can keep that up...

Bradley wandered into my dad's office and came out wearing these gloves and looking so proud of himself!
Later we went to our friend's house in the neighborhood for some dinner, playtime and trick-or-treating.
Bradley took his treat-collection very seriously:

It took him a while to get over his shy-ness and actually say "trick-or-treat", but eventually he did... and we even had a few unprompted "thank yous"!
Brenham and I had to leave early and Chris and Bradley walked home. On the way, Chris tried to carry Bradley, but he kept insisting that he walk. Then he kept walking up to doors trying to trick-or-treat. I'd say our lesson is complete!

By the way, we had quite a few questions about Chris' headgear. It's a Buffalo wing. Yep. That's my husband!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Stork Visit

When Brenham came home from the hospital, we had quite the welcome in our front yard!
Bradley was especially excited that he got his own star!
If you live in the area and are expecting (or know someone is does and is) consider ordering a stork for the front yard! It's a fun way to celebrate the new baby and the proceeds support West U parks! Plus, it makes it super easy to give directions to your house! "It's the one with the huge stork in the front!"

You can order one here:

Monday, November 3, 2014

My (big) Little Pumpkin

Flashback to a week before Brenham was born... Chris and I took Bradley to the pumpkin patch!

My little model between shots:
Then back to work!
There was a playground across the street that Bradley wanted to visit... turns out it was quite the motivator!
So after we snapped some shots and purchased some pumpkins, we took him over.
He never gets tired of the swing!
And I never get tired of watching him.