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Monday, April 27, 2015

White House Easter Eggs

Each year since Bradley was born, we have ordered a White House Easter Egg from the National Park Foundation. These are the eggs that are hunted on the White House lawn and the sales benefit our national parks. So far, our collection is small (Bradley has three and Brenham has one) but each year, we look forward to adding on!
Brenham wasn't so sure at first.
But Bradley was super excited for the chance to play with the "special eggs".

He told Brenham all about them:
As usual, Brenham hung on every word:
Also, as usual, Bradley wanted to take them away ("MINE") and Brenham was left in the dust:
But pretty soon, they were sharing again!
For the record, the orange one is Bradley's and the green one is Brenham's... just wanted to record that somewhere to hopefully thwart a sibling tiff in a few years...

This is such a fun tradition. I love that it teaches some history/politics, is a memento from each year, and helps our national parks!

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