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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting on the slopes

It takes a lot of getting ready to ski down a mountain.

First, there are the fabulous outfits:
Now before you make fun of my ski bib by saying something like, "what, is that from the 90's??" allow me to tell you that yes, my ski bib is from 1996 when I used to wear it skiing in high school. So it's not dorky... it's vintage.

Besides, one of the cutest kids I know rocks a ski bib:
That's Barton, Tara and Lyon's son. He's not ski age yet... but he's getting ready!
So once you have all 15 pieces of clothing and equipment attached to your body, you ride the gondola up the mountain.
(That's K-Dog and I)

Then you wait in line for the ski lift:
And finally, you ride up the mountain!
(That's Mike and Ms. Sharon)
(That's me with K-Dog and Casey.)(It was a running joke that because Chris and I ski/ride at different levels we didn't see much of each other on the mountain. Leaving me to take "couples photos" with all of his friends!)

When you finally ski down the run, you then wait for everyone to catch up. Which is a perfect opportunity to take an "artistic" self-portrait:
Then you do it all over again! Whew!

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