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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A good soup made even better!

I love Dana's blog, made. I've talked about the bread recipe that she posted and more recently her soup recipe.

The soup is amazing and tasty, but we like a bit more spice in our food... so I made some changes:

 The soup starts out the same, but in with the rue, I add about a teaspoon of crab boil:

It's easy to put too much of it (a small bottle is used for a HUGE crawfish pot).

Then instead of putting all of the potatoes in at once, I only put about one forth of them. Once they are soft, I use the immersion blender to cream up the potatoes:
 This makes the soup even more creamy without having to add heavy cream or any other dairy product.

Once the soup is all made, I like to add two teaspoons of cayenne pepper. This makes it VERY spicy. Others might want to add one teaspoon, then a bit more to taste.
You'll notice two things in this photo. First, is that I have only one measuring spoon out. That's because we received a wonderful wedding gift: odd-sized measuring spoons! In addition to a two teaspoon measuring spoon, they have two tablespoon and a 1.5 tablespoon. You might not think you need this, but the second you get them, you'll use them ALL the time!

The second thing you'll notice is that the cayenne pepper container is almost empty and HUGE! Here it is next to a normal-sized spice jar:
The thyme (almost full) is 1.6 ounces. The cayenne pepper (almost empty) is 16 ounces! Like I said, we like a little spice!

Dana's bread is a twice (or sometimes three times) weekly item in our kitchen. With these small changes, I have a feeling her soup will quickly become an old faithful as well! (Actually, it kind of already has-- I've made it three times in the past two weeks!) If you read this blog (hi mom!) I highly recommend following hers as well!

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