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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grilling Oysters

Another post from 2010 (waiting for friends to send me photos from more recent events...ahem...).

Remember the BP oil spill? Well, right before the spill, I was in Baton Rouge and my sister-in-law, Johanna, wanted to try and recreate Drago's famous chargrilled oysters.

So she bought a sack full and we had an afternoon on the Hill compound patio.

The boys were in charge of getting the oysters open (which is REALLY hard):
Until Jill came pitched in:
Thanks to their hard work, we were able to get the oysters ready for the grill:
(Drago's website says "never duplicated" but some butter, cheese, parsley and spices... and they were pretty darn close!)

PD did the honors:
And we all joined in the feast:
It's been almost a year since that day, but I still remember fondly the afternoon with perfect weather, family time and amazing chargrilled oysters!

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