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Friday, April 29, 2011

William and Kate Forever!

Chris and I had a slumber party last night! We pushed the sofas together and camped out in the living room so I could easily wake up to watch the Royal Wedding. Chris slept through the entire thing, but I stayed awake to watch it all.
I love weddings. There's something about the youth, love and hope that warms my little heart. And although it was slightly less grand, I couldn't help but think of my wedding day at 4:30am this morning.

It was a joyous occasion:
And similarly to William and Kate, we shared a kiss for the public:
It wasn't a carriage, but we did enjoy our ride:
And like all weddings, it was filled with youth:
And hope:
And as I watched him last night sleeping on the sofa in the living room with me so I could have my "Royal Wedding Slumber Party", it was confirmed again (as it is daily) that I married a true Prince.


  1. You sure did, and don't forget it for a single day! Your photos made me smile.

  2. awwww. I had the same experience in a way!! I watched the whole wedding and was sooo tired - but it made me think of my upcoming wedding and made me even that much more excited!!!