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Thursday, August 11, 2011

On the Road Again

Whew! It has been a BUSY summer! I feel like singing that "I've been everywhere" song. And the few weekends that I've stayed in Houston, I've been playing host to family and friends. On their own, each experience has been wonderful (and I'll blog about each one in the coming weeks) but the culmination of them has been... tiring.

Things like doing laundry from a suitcase just to repack it, having to tell friends, "let's get together in October" (no exaggeration) and the constant keeping up of guest sheets and towels has taken a toll on me. Add to that my procrastination of some LARGE projects in the craft room and it's been exhausting! Again, individually (and in the moment) good times... but I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend at home with Chris... in October!

As I've repeated, each adventure has been exciting and fun and this week is no exception. I'm in Buffalo, New York to attend Uncle Dewey and Deb's wedding.

Now, don't get confused. That is Uncle Dewey, but that is NOT his bride-- it's his mom... Gma!!

Here is a photo of Dewey and Deb...

I would have led with that one...but it's bury! Well, when you're blogging at the airport with your iPad... you make due.

Slowly but surely I'm becoming more purposeful with my hectic schedule and I plan to return to regularly scheduled blogging soon enough.

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