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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Laurel's Bachelorette Part-ay

Back in the beginning of August, I hosted a bachelorette party for my friend and cousin, Laurel.

It. Was. WILD!
Just kidding!

It was fun, but not 4 large bottles of alcohol wild.

I'm a big believer that the party lies in the details... so i put together a few projects to make it fun and special.

Like these gathered streamers, for example:
Which I learned about how to make from one of my favorite blogs: Made.

The party had a nautical theme (I chose that since one of our main activities was cruising around the bay in my dad's boat)... so I got these flags for decor as well:
And here we are about to go out on the boat:
You'll notice our matching "Bridesmate" sailor caps and "Laurel's Last Sail Shirts". Adorable... and made us quite inconspicuous as we headed down the dock.

Here I am with the captain:
A close up of the hats and goodie bags:
Laurel's of course had a veil:
 Everything had to fit the theme, including:
The snack bowls (and toothpicks)...
 The utensils and napkins...
The cups and straws... and most deliciously...
The cupcakes!!! Which were made my my uber-talented friend/girlfriend of my other cousin, Harley!
That's her on the left and that's the bride on the right. (Laurel took her sailor cap off after a while because the veil was itchy.)

They are karaoke-ing in this photo which is what we did for our evening's entertainment. I rented a private room so we could jam out without the fear of randoms interfering on our good time.

And jam out we did!
for a while...
Then we snapped a group shot and headed home:
After everyone left, I slept for about three days. Just kidding. It was 2 and a half. Boy howdy!

I had a great time getting to know Laurel's friends during the weekend and was really happy to see my little cousin all grown up! Next stop... wedding day!

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  1. That weekend was such a BLAST!! Glad I was able to enjoy it with ya'll and setting up was fun too!