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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LL Bean

LL Bean was founded in Maine and they have a super store there. Of course, I had to check it out!

The store spans several buildings and includes an aquarium, a rock bridge and many darling displays. Even the "chandelier" is themed:
I guess it's kind of a requirement to take your photo in front of the large boot outside of the store. At least, that's what my mom indicated when she posed me in front of it.
The Maine (and main) LL Bean store is open 24/7. I assume they did this in order to save money. With no closing time, there's no need for locks on the doors!
The themed "door knobs" were another one of my favorite little touches.

Before we left, we took a photo of the shoppers-- the Beard ladies, the former Beard lady and the newest Beard boy:

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  1. So cute and fun! I loved themed doors, windows, and design in general!