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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crazy Hat Uno 2011

My most favorite Thanksgiving activity is Crazy Hat Uno. It's a lot like regular Uno... but larger, louder and with hats. You have to be careful in choosing your Uno hat-- it can't be ill-fitting or uncomfortable because if you are caught not wearing your hat it's an automatic draw two.

Here's the gang ready to play:
Maria came, but I'm not sure she was as into Crazy Hat Uno as I would have liked:
My mom went for full costume and rocked out her look:
PD re-purposed his hat for the occassion:
Chris started out with a Viking hat, but turned the horns down to pay homage to my Aggies:
But my favorite hat was K-dog's:
 Once the game starts, it's all business (in the middle of cheers, yells and songs) and no one is safe from drawing 4, or 8, or 12. Here's a photo of K-dog showing how happy he is to fill my hands with more points:
And here's my dad showing his dislike for Justin's similar treatment:
In the end there can only be one winner... and I'm happy to say it was ME!
See all the points I got?? Oh, wait. Points are bad in Uno. Turns out, Andrew was crowned the winner of Crazy Hat Uno 2011. Congrats to the turkey head!
Only 11 more months to find your crazy hat for 2012!


  1. There's a hat store on 16th st mall in Denver that has all kinds and they are lovely!

  2. I like SinJin's word "lovely." Next time, I think I'll choose a "lovely" hat. Get ready, resale stores!