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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Way Back When-sday

Through a random "six-degrees" type situation, I found this fun blog a few weeks ago: slcnewlyweds.blogspot.com.

Every Wednesday she posts photos from the past... which are hilarious! So I thought I'd join in the fun!

Welcome to the Hill's Country's very first Way Back When-sday!

Since I still consider this Christmas season... and since much of our Christmas is spent in Baton Rouge with Chris' family (and since I'd rather embarrass my husband than me)... I bring you these photos from Christmas Past:

Chris enjoying some ornaments with his dad, PD.

Chris and Jojo opening presents.

A very excited Chris opening a GI Joe toy.

And my favorite...
Little Chris in a fire truck!

Thanks, Allison, for such a fun idea!

(And click on her super awkward er... I mean awesome... button below to see her Way Back When-sday memories!)


  1. Ok you may have already put two and two together here, but Allison is my twin sister! This is Amanda Joiner from the HMNS placement for Junior League, by the way :) Small world!

  2. Just saw my sister's comment - small world! Glad you found me AND that you are participating in the WBW fun :)