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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good Fortune

In January, Chris and I were ready to tell our families that I am pregnant. We wanted to have a fun story and a little surprise fun with them, so we decided to order take-out Chinese food and replace the fortune cookies with ones that were stuffed with our own announcement!

The only problem was that we had to wait until the END of the meal to tell everyone! Here is the cookie, looking like any other take-out fortune cookie:
And here's what we put on the inside!
We knew that telling my parents would be easy. Just tell them that we're coming over with dinner-- they wouldn't suspect a thing. Sure enough, when they finally did open their fortunes, they didn't know that it was an announcement! They both just thought it was an odd fortune! Finally, they caught on.

I am SO disappointed that we have NO photos of the surprise on their faces (or with the Baton Rouge family either). If there's anything I could go back and redo it would be those two moments!

At least we have a photo of Chris and I at my parents house:
And my dad with Chris and I and our ultrasound photos:
The next day we drove to Baton Rouge... and we knew this would be a harder surprise to pull off. First of all, there were 10 people we had to get in the same place at the same time. Harder still, we couldn't make a big deal about why we wanted to get all 10 of them in the same place at the same time. For two people that don't really lie (and Chris can tell you, I'm horrible at it!) this was difficult!

We concocted a story about Chris needing to be in Baton Rouge for work on Monday, so we thought we'd come in early. We told everyone we'd bring leftovers from our Super Club (which had been canceled, though they didn't know) and not to prepare lunch. Then we picked up Chinese food and told them when we got there that we'd forgotten the leftovers and felt bad, so we got Chinese food instead. Thankfully, no one caught on... which is a minor miracle!

Again, I SO regret not having any photos of the event! But here's Johanna, reliving the surprise:
Now here's something interesting for those guessing gender... Andrew's fortune cookie was different from the rest of ours. I think the woman who made ours accidentally put a cookie from a different order into our batch:
It says "Soon a little girl will enter your life". Accident? Coincidence? Or is there some prophesy going on in the fortune cookie factory? I guess we'll find out in early April!

A note to any friends who plan on announcing they are pregnant, ever. TAKE PHOTOS of the big moment!! Trust me, you will regret it if you don't!! And many apologizes to my friends, family and future child. Now that I feel the pain of not being a shutterbug, we're buying a fancy pants camera and I intend on chronicling every future detail!!


  1. We would have been suspicious if you had a camera with you, ready to capture our reaction. Stop regretting. It's a vivid memory in my mind, and will be in yours. You've given me a LOT of precious memories in your lifetime, but this fortune cookie announcement is so far the preciousest!!