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Friday, March 2, 2012

A Different Kind of Mardi Gras

I know this is a little late... but my first first AND second trimester queasiness has not lent itself to frequent blogging!

Last year, PD was the King of Orion:
We had almost 100 people join us from all over the states to celebrate the occasion. Jojo, Laura and I had a blast scurrying around downtown Baton Rouge and hanging out with our friends. 

When Chris' float came by I was on the curb ready to wave and yell his name.

Chris and I danced at the ball until the band left and the lights were turned on. Then we partied in the lobby of the hotel will our friends until six in the morning.

This year...

Jojo and 3-month old Maria stayed home.
Laura and 1-month old Lucy stayed home.
I was missing my partners in crime... but I was also tending to some frequent "morning" sickness.

So instead of finding a spot on the curb to yell and wave at my husband, I watched from the hotel room:
And instead of hanging out in the lobby with my pals until six in the morning, I turned in at seven in the evening.

It was about as opposite of experiences as you could have. But, oddly, still thoroughly enjoyable. I traded texts with Chris throughout the evening, got so excited to see the parade roll past my window, and all the while, I was snuggled up in a very comfortable Hilton blanket!

I'm very much looking forward to the day when Maria, Lucy and Baby Hill can enjoy their first Orion Parade together!

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