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Monday, April 9, 2012

Friday Night Grill

Since we were having eleven family members over to share the good news of Baby BOY Hill... we decided to tell invite some pals over to enjoy the evening too!

I didn't get very many "people" shots (note to self: work on that), but here are an assortment of photos from our Friday Night Grill!

First, a close up of those Macaroni and Cheese Bites I mentioned:
(I originally found these on pinterest, but here's the website that it links to: http://www.macaroniandcheesecake.com/2009/09/macaroni-cheese-bites.html)

 I also made a whole-lotta cupcakes:
They were "baby" sized. (By the way, one of the harder things in life is to NOT lick the batter when you're making cupcakes!)(Which I normally always do, but was afraid because of the raw egg.)(Sadly my pal Harley wasn't in town or I would have hired her to make them!)

Here's a shot of our patio:
Chris should be SO proud of the work he's done in our backyard!

Not a great photo:
But it shows some adorable condiment bowls that we got for our wedding... and (if you click on the photo, it gets bigger) what I used to label the food! A free printable (found here), a that I glued to a twig and put into little cups with rocks. I think (hope!) it had a cute, rustic look.

Here's a shot of my pal and former roommate, Brittainy:
I enjoy living with Chris... but I sure miss living with Brittainy!!

We encouraged our friends to bring their kiddos... and ended up with four toddlers and three infants in our house! After they ran through our non-baby-proofed house and found the mud spots in the backyard, we turned on a movie. That kept them entertained for a while!
All in all it was a successful first party with the finished patio. And it didn't stop there... as the rest of the Hills were staying the weekend! Look for those photos tomorrow!

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