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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blueberry Picking with my Blueberry

Yesterday Chris and I took a break from the madness and had a little date at the Blueberry farm.

As you can see, I brought Baby Hill along.

Chris was a champion blueberry picker. He has abnormally long arms and was able to get all of the tops of the trees that everyone else passed up!
Ok, that photo is not the best at representing his monkey arms, but trust me-- he picked most of the blueberries!

After about an hour in the morning sun, Baby Hill and I had enough. So we left Chris to finish the bucket and headed back to the front of the property where they had... SNO CONES! There's nothing better than an early morning sno cone.
Chris kept picking for almost a full hour after I quit on him!
He's a trooper!

When it was time to go, we had picked a total of eight pounds of blueberries! I sent a lot of that over to my mom to make some pies (which I've had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ever since!) and the rest are sitting in my fridge. I hear that blueberries are good antioxidants, and that's great-- because Chris and I have been eating them by the handful!
This was a very popular activity as there was a crowd even when we arrived at 7:45am! There were a lot of families with small children which at first I thought was super smart-- child labor! But then I quickly realized it was counter-productive...

Overheard at the Blueberry Picking Farm:
"Pick the blue ones. No, that's red. Only pick the blue ones."
"Do NOT throw blueberies at your sister!"
"Pick the blue ones!"
"No, rocks do not go in your bucket, just the blueberries."
"Only pick the ones that are blue!"
"Quit eating the blueberries from your bucket!"
"That's not blue... only pick the blue ones."
"Stay away from that bug!"

Maybe someday we'll take BH there when he's old enough to pick some blueberries. But I'm going to give him a pretty intensive lesson on picking blueberries before we do!


  1. Thank you for the "overheard" section - I saw this post and told Evan that we need to take Ben there. Blueberry picking! How fun! Then read the last part and really rethought the whole venture. Maybe in five years. :)

    1. Don't let the "overheard" section scare you too much! Just maybe prep him for what to expect. I'm pretty sure the kids were genuinely confused on what "blue" on a blueberry is (since it's really more purple-ish looking). Maybe practice with him at home first.