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Friday, June 1, 2012

"Brothers" Bonding

I am not a fan of calling Gordon my child. He's a dog, I am a human. When people tell Gordon to "go to your mommy" I'm confused. I am not the mother of that wild animal.


Something changes when you get pregnant. And although I still refuse to allow Gordon to call me "mom" (Pack Leader is the appropriate title), I seem to have no problem with him calling Baby Hill "little brother".

Here's Gordon bonding with his little brother while I'm chilling on the sofa:
That's his head (obviously) propped up on my baby bump!

And because it doesn't warrant it's own post, but is adorable, here's another shot of Gordon snoozing on the sofa:

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  1. There is no doubt Gordon (the dog) is aware of the little one growing inside you. Gordon (the dog) is probably dreaming of romping and cavorting with his "brother" in your lush back yard!