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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WBW: And He Grew!

Last I checked, Bradley was 8lbs 3 oz. It's hard to believe that he'll one day grow up to become a man.

But... I suppose it's inevitable.

Here's my cousin, Adam, at around Bradley's age:
That's me holding him with some awesome bangs.

Here's his mom, my Aunt:

And my mom, his aunt!
Being such a little baby, it was hard to imagine him growing up to become a man.
(With his sister, my cousin, Laurel:)
But he did! Here is that same tiny little boy... all grown up at 6ft, 7in!!
(With his girlfriend, Harley:)
It's fine with me, though, if Bradley takes his time getting there... we're enjoying his little toes, tiny sighs and sweet cuddles for now!

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  1. AAHH!! wow that is nuts! How time flies! Bradley is going to grow so fast it's hard to imagine!

  2. Adam did not just grow tall, he grew a big, big heart to go with it! I am so proud of the fine man he has become (with many kudos to Ann, his mom!)