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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WBW: Four Weeks and Counting

Today's Way Back When-sday, we'll go all the way back to a MONTH ago-- the day Bradley was born. I can't believe it's been a month!!

Last Wednesday I shared much of the day, but today I'll share more from the Labor & Delivery room. I have been nervous about giving birth for the past nine months. I am self-diagnosed "pain intolerant" and have seen enough TV shows to know that what happens in the Labor & Delivery room is not pain-free!

Almost immediatly after I was induced (which just means they gave me some meds that started contractions) I had an epidural (which is what blocks the pain of labor). This all happened around 8am. I was nervous, but in good spirits.
Soon the contractions were starting (though I couldn't feel them) and the L&D nurses were monitoring everything from my blood pressure to the baby's heartbeat. I wasn't allowed to eat anything but popsicles. And since I've heard that labor can last over 24 hours (and I get pretty grumpy without food) I decided to eat as many popsicles as Chris would get me!
In between eating popcicles, entertaining the family that were coming in and out of the room and getting my temperature checked, I also spent some time surfing the web on my iPad:
This was not the dramatic day I've seen on TV...

At 1pm or so they checked everything and realized that the baby was ready to come out! For those keeping track, that's 5 hours of labor-- most of which was spent eating popsicles.

The nurse gave me some instructions and all of a sudden the room was full of medical people! I was warned that I might have to push for at least 30 mins if not 3 hours (first time moms usually go for at least an hour). I was nervous about this part, but ready for what I knew to be the hard part of the day.

I started pushing a 1:46pm. Bradley was born at 1:47pm. I pushed twice. They say God only gives you what you can handle? Well thank you God for knowing I couldn't handle much!

My little champ.

Our new family:
Bradley Danger weighed in at 6lbs and 9oz:
And has the correct number of fingers and toes:
 My doctor wasn't able be there, but one of her partners came and was great:
I can't recomend the ladies at Complete Women's Care Center enough!!

And my Labor & Delivery nurses were also amazing.
Fun fact: I delivered Bradley at the Women's Hospital... which is also where I was born!

After the shockingly easy 5.5 hour labor and the even more shocking 1 minute delivery... I was able to eat:
So I did:

Chris was laughing that mine would make a pretty boring TV show... but I am a-ok with that! And, of course, the best part of the day was spending time with this little man:

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  1. I was there. But reading the experience in your own words was so sweet, I teared up! Bradley will so enjoy seeing these precious "newly born" photos with Mom and Dad (that's you and Chris!)in years to come.

  2. awww such sweet photos!!! That's adorable