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Monday, October 29, 2012

Bradley at the Pumpkin Patch

Tis the season for city parents to take their children to the "pumpkin patch". We all just try to ignore the fact that the "patch" is a parking lot with pallets of pumpkins lined up...

Here's the best shot from day one (yes, I insisted that we go a second day):
And here's how day one ended:
Bradley, if you're going to be so dang cute, you need to learn to enjoy taking photos.

(Fun fact: Bradley is wearing his going home outfit here-- Chris used to wear it when he was a baby!)

Here's the best from day two:
Although this is a fun one too:
And although the day didn't end in tears, Bradley certainly let me know he was over it:
I have a feeling this isn't the last time I'm going to see an eye-roll from my son. I thought I had at least 13 more years before that started!!

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