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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5 AND 6 Months


About a month ago I was supposed to post this photo:
And talk about how thing had changed from the 4 month update.

But I didn't.
And that's unfortunate because a lot has changed!

Bradley is now SIX months!
And since our last update I can say he now LOVES tummy time. He easily rolls every which way and is quite the little mover. No crawling, but will haphazardly roll across the room if I let him.

The biggest news since our last update is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! YES!!!

Bradley goes to bed at 7pm (with very little fuss) and sleeps until 7am! I sneak in around 11pm for a dream feed and some snuggles, but that's it.

Our daytime schedule is still a little all over the place, but that's probably more due to our busy lifestyle. Bradley is one popular kid!
We've got stroller aerobics twice a week (where Bradley snoozes while I sweat), weekly Bible Study, an educational playgroup and various outings like the zoo and playgrounds. It's quite action-packed!

There's usually a morning and afternoon nap squeezed into our day and around 6pm it's food, bath, story, snack and bed.

Got to rest up for the next day's adventures!

We continue to enjoy Bradley each day. He smiles through most of the day and loves to giggle. I love to watch him learn and to see the focus on his face when he explores a new toy. He lights up when he sees familiar faces and loves to snuggle. What a joy!

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  1. Look how he has grown into his little chair!