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Friday, April 12, 2013

Bradley Month 7

This little boy gets cuter and cuter!
Big milestone for this month: two bottom teeth!

Chris and I noticed the little guys sprouting up one morning and Chris proclaimed, "no more gummy grin!". At which point I burst into tears. I can't handle my little guy growing up!
He is also sitting up quite well and will spend a fair amount of time sitting in the kitchen surrounded by his toys.
He's starting a bit of an army crawl (or scoot?) and can actually move towards a direction with purpose. Unfortunately the direction he usually wants to move is towards something dirty or dangerous. Fortunately, however, he's not very fast... yet!
Bradley is still sleeping 7am-7pm almost every night (with an 11pm snuggle with mama time that I sneak in for). The biggest exception to that is when we're out of town. He does NOT enjoy sleeping in the pack-n-play if Chris and I (mostly me) are also in the room. So that's made for some interesting sleeping arrangements when we visit friends/family!
He's full of smiles and definitely recognizes familiar faces. When Chris or I walk into the room he lights up-- I LOVE it!! He also loves peek-a-boo and will giggle over and over again. Love. It.

Every month seems to bring it's own new joys and although I'm also sad to see certain things go away (like my precious gummy grin) I know that they will be replaced with more fun milestones!

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  1. Oh, yes. Bradley will continue to provide you with great entertainment. Enjoy it all.