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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bradley Month 8

What a month!

Clearly, Bradley is as cute as ever!

Still has two teeth, but his sleeping (or lack thereof) makes me think more are on the way soon!

Bradley is a mover! He doesn't crawl in the traditional sense, but he army scoots all over the house! He's gotten up on all fours and will "pre-crawl", but with no forward motion. After a few seconds of that, he goes back to the army scoot.

He loves to play with new toys and will spend quite some time looking at and exploring any new item that I put in his path! (I took a third of his toys and put them away for a month so that they'll be "new" again... hope it works!)

He's learning how to make new sounds and loves to blow raspberries (he also loves it when we blow raspberries back!). He's also doing a lot of "dadadadada" which is so fun! I often hear him practicing these new sounds in his crib when he wakes up.

He still eats like a champ, although I think these teeth are making him more sensitive to hot and cold.

We have loved learning more about his little personality! He loves to giggle and smiles all the time. He charms everyone at the grocery store! He's also very observant and will sit quietly on Mama's lap while checking out a new environment. I often catch him appearing to be deep in thought.

We love every bit of this little boy! (But, Bradley: please get those teeth through soon... mama needs her sleep back!!)

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