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Friday, April 19, 2013

Easter Photoshoots

All we wanted was a fun photo of the three cousins smiling. Is that too much to ask?


It all started on Good Friday where the family was enjoying a crawfish boil in Jeremy's hometown.
Not great.
Then, on Easter, we put ears on the kids. Considering they haven't passed "take a photo 101" I'm not sure why we thought that adding props would help...
Bradley looks scared here:
After failing "take a photo 101", being pushed into "take a photo 102" (with props) they were then accelerated once more into "take a photo 103" (props AND on a spinning chair).
Seeing the photos is one thing... imagine the noise!

While Jojo, Laura and I were battling our children for a good shot, the peanut gallery watched on:
Not impressed.

But! Just when we thought all was lost... we were able to get one mediocre photo of the three cousins!

Worth it?


  1. Worth it? Absolutely. I don't think the last photo was mediocre at all - it's darling!

  2. So cute! Great job on not giving up!