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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

9, 10, 11 Months

Note the date: Bradley turns one TOMORROW! I did write this a few weeks ago, just didn't post it. Yikes!
*Alaska blogs to resume next week*

Yikes! Major mom fail!

The last time I updated Bradley's monthly photos was at 8 months. He's now 11 months! Oops!

At least I took the photos at the appropriate times.

Here are some 9 month winners:
Bradley had two bottom teeth, but no top teeth yet. Something was going on, though, because this was a phase where he stuck his tongue out all the time!
He was still army scooting, but getting better and better at crawling.
I blinked... and he was 10 months old!
You can see those top two teeth finally popped through!
And he started to really, really move. Full on crawling... and FAST!
Still an absolute joy to watch his little personality develop. Bradley has always been such a HAPPY baby!

Now he's 11 months old:
And still a super happy baby!
Two more teeth up front and this little boy love to eat! He has a banana and an egg each morning (though recently he's starting having TWO eggs). He eats almost anything I put on his high chair with the exception of black beans and lima beans (he'll eat kidney beans, but only if there's nothing else on the highchair).

Bradley is a MOVER! He crawls so fast and "cruises" around all the furniture. I'm pretty sure he could walk if he wanted to, but my smart little guy is in no hurry. He'll stand for quite some time, then plop to the ground and crawl (fast!) to whatever he's going for (which is often the pantry if the door is left open... or mama's arms... LOVE IT!)
I have LOVED this year with my little guy and can't wait to watch him continue to grow into a little man.

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