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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Exit Glacier

On our road trip from Anchorage to Seward, we stopped by Exit Glacier.

You can see it here, in the background:
We decided to hike a little closer. So I strapped Bradley to me and we started the hike.
Notice how we're all smiles.

We're still smiles here, at the viewing point:

And even here, across a board-bridge:
The others had gone off ahead of us, so we weren't positive we were following the correct trail... until we saw:
The terrain wasn't as smooth as we originally thought... so the little girls' strollers were parked to the side. Good thing, too, as it only got more rocky as we got closer.

Bradley was also getting a little antsy, so we changed his scenery:
That worked for a while... but you can tell, the smiles are starting to fade...
But we turned a corner, and saw a beautiful view and refreshing winds:
Worth it!
 Ok, yeah, the photo does not do it justice...

Thankfully the rest of the family was there and we all took turns playing photographer:
Before we hiked back down together:
I've now seen a volcano in Hawii and a Glacier in Alaska. Isn't there some sort of Facebook check-in award I can get?? 

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