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Friday, October 4, 2013

Bradley Turns One

A few days after Bradley turned one we had a small party with family and close friends. It was delightful.
Bradley's favorite toy is a ball... so we invited friends to have a "ball" at his party!


That's our backyard. And that's 144 beach balls.
To keep with the theme, all of the food was round:
I put up all of Bradley's monthly photos:
And I still haven't been able to take them down!

We took a few family photos:
Then is was time for CAKE!
(Surrounded by the party hats.)

At first Bradley was a little confused:

But after his sweet cousins jumped in to show him the ropes:
He was hooked!
My sweet Birthday boy passed out shortly after the sugar rush.
It was a very special (and emotional!) weekend for me as my little baby is looking more like a toddler every day! (And of course, I missed taking many photo opps-- like B with his Papa P, Papa T and Mimi! Or more shots of the food... Oh well...)(Next birthday I'm making a "shot list"!)

That night Chris and I toasted to our first year of parenthood... and we look forward to many more birthdays with our little guy.

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