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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

So this is a little late... but here's a recap of my first Mother's Day.

I asked for crawfish, so Chris did an impromptu boil:
My mom came over and enjoyed it too!
Chris had a fun activity planned for Bradley... that involved paint!

Bradley painted a masterpiece, while my mom, dad and I cheered him on... and Chris made sure he didn't eat the paint!
Bradley painted four pieces. As he was done with each color, he'd pass the paper to Chris:
Keeping paint off of Bradley's face was going pretty well...
Until this happened:
Bradley became quite the temper mental artist:
But he graciously agreed to pose with his masterpieces before going in for a bath and nap:
I love being a mom, so taking a step back to "thank" me for doing something I love... well, it seemed a little odd at first. But from breakfast to bedtime Chris was so sweet with his plans to help me relax and enjoy the day. And of course, little Bradley was a sweet, happy baby the whole time, too!

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