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Monday, April 14, 2014

Louisiana Half Marathon

Back in early November, I thought it would be fun to sign up for the Louisiana Half Marathon. Still not sure why!

After a total of TWO training runs, I was ready for the big day!

Ok, not really at all... but I was determined to see my commitment through. So I suited up and got ready to run.

Here's a shot of the pre-race:
There were a lot of people who looked really prepared. I made sure to get behind them... waaaay behind them.

As the race started, I noticed a girl (in front of me) wearing a shirt that said on the back, "If you're wearing this, you trained even less than me." Yep... I was in the right spot.

Chris came out to cheer me on and take my jacket at the 3 mile mark. Laura, Lucy and Bradley were cheering for me just a half mile later. Then the long trek around the LSU lakes. Thankfully, our friends, the Marschall's, live on the lakes and they were outside cheering me on, too.

At the end of the lakes Chris, Bradley, Laura and Lucy were there again ready to give me a boost for the last three miles. Chris thought that if he put Bradley on the ground, he would run towards me... instead he ran right across the race path:
(If you click on it to enlarge you can see me in blue coming from the left of the road.)

That was a great boost and I was able to finish the race! Considering I was vastly ill-prepared, I was pretty excited.

After a post-race photo, I took a nap:
And woke up feeling like I might not ever walk again!

I still don't have the running "bug"... but I do find races fun. Next time, though, I think I'll add in a few more training runs...

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