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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A few December favorites

Bradley went to a super fun birthday party at the Museum of Natural Science.
His first time with a face-painter-- he did a great job and loved his dinosaur!

Brenham started smiling! I didn't record the day, but I know it was later than 5weeks/6days (when Bradley started smiling). He's still our "Mr. Serious" but he shares a little smile now and then.

A sweet neighbor gave us her kids' old bike and Bradley has been in HEAVEN:
 Despite the look on his face-- he was THRILLED!

He also enjoyed a preview of the soccer class he'll be taking this winter, he even scored a goal!
 Disclaimer: they all get to score a goal... but still, he's a pro- I'm sure.

And Brenham had such a rough day of smiling that he fell asleep sitting up!
Lastly an airborne shot of Bradley on his friend's trampoline:
Lots of Christmas blogs are coming up!

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  1. Great! Can't wait! You sure do have a "smiley" family!