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Friday, January 23, 2015

After Party

After Lucy's party (and naps!) we had an after-party! We planned our trip to the beach for this summer (which is why you see Bradley changed in his Hawaiian shirt) and opened packages.

The kids LOVED the box! Uncle Drew and Uncle Bobby helped them transform that box into a boat that ran away from snakes, took in water and a whole bunch of other things!
The kids LOVED it- all I heard were giggles and squeals from the other room!
Later that evening, the dads put up a tent in the living room and had a "camp out". They watched the movie Brave and Bradley has been asking to watch it again ever since!

Once the movie was over they turned off all the lights and went to bed.

Just kidding! They stayed up protesting the "bedtime rule" until 10pm. THEN they passed out. (And by "they" I mostly mean Bradley... the girls were much more compliant.) Here's hoping the next cousin's campout goes a little more smoothly!

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