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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Brenham: 3 months

Our sweet Brenham is three months old!
And, yes, he's still our more serious baby!

However... once in a while he'll think about smiling...
And then, if you're lucky... he'll share a smile!
He still rocks his signature look, "concerned and a little uncomfortable":
But we see glimpses of a laid-back attitude, too:
Brenham still eats well, sleeps fairly well (wakes up once to eat and about 5 times to "ask" for a pacifier). He naps during the day, but when he's awake he much prefers to be held. Much prefers. (And doesn't mind demanding that it happen!)

Big Brother Bradley is still enamored with his Little Brother Brenham... but I'm not too sure how Brenham feels about his brother at this point:
I'm sure they will be the very best of friends... once Bradley stops poking Brenham in the eye. Every.Single.Day.

We love having Brenham in our family and love watching him grow each week!

And now a pop quiz:
Which Hill boy is which?

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  1. Left - Bradley. Right - Brenham. Mimi knows all,