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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Five Months with Brenham

Brenham is 5 months old!
Despite the occasion giggle (or belly laugh), he's still pretty serious:
And downright moody at times!
He's rolling over (and over and over... that seems to be his preferred method of traveling across the kitchen floor) and will sit with assistance.
As you can see, Big Brother still loves to be with Brenham, but sometimes his play is just a little rough.

Here's a shot of Brenham:

Immediately after this shot, I turned the camera toward Bradley:
Which I think sums up both of their personalities pretty well!

Brenham also "talks" a ton! Lots of coos and babbles from this guy!
He's not sleeping well at all. But I'm hoping by the next monthly report we'll have that all worked out.
Brenham we love you and every little smile we can get!
I especially love our snuggles... even though at times it feels like you won't ever let me go!
I know it won't be long until you're wiggling out of my arms like your Big Brother!
Here are the two Hill Boys at 5 mo:
You can see our gentle giant, Brenham, is definitely gaining on Bradley at that age!

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  1. Both your boys have glorious smiles! They are so much fun to watch as they grow.