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Monday, March 2, 2015

January Randoms

Here are some highlights from January-- there are many... but none were worthy of their own blog post!

Brenham is a smiler!! Lots of sweet photos of this guy looking happy and oh-so-adorable!

Builder Bradley. He likes to build towers, houses and ice cream cones. Sometimes he creates them entirely, other times he's the architect telling Daddy what to build!

We're becoming somewhat regulars at BB's. Here Chris and Bradley are coloring (Bradley asks Chris to draw him owls.)

Brenham watches on as Big Brother dances around in a backwards cap, sweater and no pants. Just a typical afternoon!

Rocking the goggles at a science-themed playdate.

A "selfie" attempt on a warm January afternoon in the backyard playing on the...

Bouncy house! Pretty much if its not raining, we're playing on the bouncy house!

Cheering on the Houston Marathon runners.
Chris keeping him off of the course!

How Brenham chills most of the time we're not at home!

The "box toy" is a hit!

Bradley sharing all of his stuffed animals with a "not impressed" Brenham.

Soccer lessons with Bradley's BFF are tooootally paying off (this is in the middle of practice).

More fun with cones at our house (notice the bouncy house).
Celebrating a dear friend's wedding on the last day of January. This was the first time in over a year that I was not pregnant and baby free! I might have danced so much my shoes fell apart. It was a grand time!!

That wraps up January with at the Hill's Country! 

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  1. You looked radiant at that wedding. You are a bad influence on me, though. You get me out on the dance floor and I make a fool of myself! Boxes must be the universal #1 toy for kids! Brenham smiles every time he sees me........just sayin'.