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Monday, March 30, 2015

Zoo Days

Bradley and Chris love the zoo. When Brenham was born, they went up there almost every day for a month! Here are some pics from two recent trips where Brenham and I tagged along.

The zoo has stations set up all over where kids can press buttons and hear animal noises. Bradley loves these stations!

Except the one that has a bobcat roaring:
That's him running away after pressing it!

 Bradley also enjoys crawling through the clear tunnel underneath the fish!
Here's a shot from the inside:
The sea otter exhibit is especially neat. The otter plays with the kids as they come up to the glass!
Bradley gets so excited when the otter "plays" with him!
Lastly, there is an opportunity for the kids to pop up into the mongoose habitat:
The Houston zoo is so well done-- these are just a few of the many exhibits that hold Bradley's attention-- and I'm thankful that we are close enough to pop in anytime to enjoy learning about the animals!

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