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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Some Updates and Some Throwbacks

Clearly, I've left this bog vacant for quite a while... sorry to my two fans! But I've found Instagram to be quicker, more mobile AND I can easily have my photos/captions turned into a book via Chatbooks! So... find me @katie_b_hill for more frequent updates.

There are some things Instagram can't do... so I wanted to share some fun "then and now" photos of the boys!

I'm so glad we are able to have a tradition that our boys' first hair cuts are at Disney World! Can you tell which Hill boy is which as they get their first snips (both around 13-15months of age at the time of the photo):
That's Bradley on the left and Brenham on the right!

Since birth, Brenham has always seemed more cautious than our daredevil, Bradley. Here they are as brothers when Brenham was a few days old... and next to that they have similar personalities a year and a half later!

Speaking of their sweet personalities... here is Bradley (3 years) enjoying the carousel and Brenham (1.5 years) not-so-much:

It's been fun watching Bradley grow up on some of the classic Disney rides. Like Dumbo:
(at 13 months, 3 years and 3.5 years)

the carousel:
(3 years and 3.5 years)

and the teacups:
(13 months, 3 years and 3.5 years)

We look forward to making many more memories with these boys... and baby boy #3 starting this May!

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