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Monday, November 22, 2010

Aggie Weekend

Last year a group of my Aggie theater friends got together to see a football game and to host our own mini-reunion. And since an Aggie can't do something once without making it a tradition, we all got together this past weekend to do it again. We rented a house on the Traditions Golf Course, bought our tickets and set-up the Beirut table. I volunteered to cook for the weekend and we all had a great time.

Here are Randy and Brian enjoying some Texas Hill Country porch time:
Here I am, holding Brian and Bonnie's Baby, Kyla (still can't believe they have a baby!)
She was a delightful baby-- just giggled and played all day with us. She even helped daddy win at Beirut!

Here are the spoils of Pancake Saturday:
And lastly, a shot of us hanging out:
You'll notice Chris in the background, making a rare appearance for the weekend. Poor guy didn't feel well for most of it, so he quarantined himself to the bedroom.

I didn't take any photos the whole weekend, so I'm thankful that John Meinburg shared his with me! As the wife of an LSU alum, it was fun to go to Yell Practice and root for the good ol' Texas Aggies... and the fact that we beat Nebraska just made it even better!

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