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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Katie's Birthday

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Eve. So the Beard parents and the Hill compound traveled for a Baton Rouge tradition:

The 25 adults divided into teams, participated in some friendly trash talk and proceeded to barrel roll, sneak and shoot their way to victory.

After each game we checked our stats and Chris and Laura were both consistently in the high scores.
When we got back home we hosted a meeting for the Secret Scarf Society. Which is all I am allowed to mention about that.

In addition to Thanksgiving Eve, yesterday was also my 29th birthday. It marked the beginning of a year long celebration that I am hosting, "Goodbye 20's". Should be amazing.


  1. Lazer tag is so fun! That's neat how you got everyone together to do this!!

  2. You're right. It's not just for kids! Even this senior citizen had a blast, and I even had a decent score! It was a high-tech version of when we were kids playing "cops and robbers" between the neighbors lawns.

  3. Yes, it should be "amazing". OK, what have you got planned?