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Friday, November 12, 2010

A Good One-Dish Dinner

Our Supper Club theme last night was "One Hit Wonder". My mom thought I should look through my grandma's recipe box for some good casseroles.

Sure enough, this gem was towards the front:
A Good One-Dish Dinner? Perfect!

Stephanie made a salad:
And Ashley made a great vegetable casserole:
What I loved about all three dishes was the lack of dairy. Most of the one-hit wonders I found while I was searching called for a pound of cheese or cream of mushroom soup. But we were able to find some delicious, lighter options!

Here's a photo of "A Good One-Dish Dinner":
I doubled the recipe (including the corn bread topping) but still didn't have near enough topping. What you see is one box of Jiffy. Next time, I'll use two boxes. Besides that, the meal was a total hit!

Not only did it taste great last night, but Chris and I both enjoyed the leftovers today. I fully expect to be adding both casserole dishes to my "old faithful" list.

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  1. I love the old recipe-on-index cards that look well-used. Of course you used a more modern-day subsitute for "shortening," right? I will be cooking up this casserole soon!