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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Super Supper Club

Tomorrow night we are hosting our monthly Supper Club.

It started around Christmas last year when we had our friend, Ashley, over for dinner. She and I lamented that we had so many recipes that we wanted to try, but always seemed to turn to our "old faithful" meals-- especially when entertaining. After a spark of inspiration (and a few glasses of wine), the Super Supper Club was born!

There is one main rule: you must make something you have never made before.

Once a month we get together to prepare our dishes (we have a group of about 5 other girls who come when they can). The girls bring their ingredients and we cook together in my kitchen. That way each girl learns 3-5 new dishes, not just the one she is preparing. Then we gather around the table to eat and critique... and decide the next month's theme.

Many of the dishes that I first tried at a Supper Club gathering are now my new "old faithful" meals!

Throughout the months we've had many Celebrity Guests (those who are invited to eat, but are not required to prepare anything) as well as Celebrity Chefs (those who are invited to teach us a new technique). Of course boyfriends are often the Celebrity Guests and Chris is always included-- he's our bartender! He makes drinks to fit the theme-- like Sangria when we had a Tapas night. 

Tomorrow night's theme is "One Hit Wonder". Casserole/Stew/Crockpot meals that have a protein, carb and green rolled into one. I'm thinking of making a casserole version of Shepherd's Pie. I'll make sure to post photos of mine, plus the other dishes after tomorrow night.

Other themes we've had:
  Breakfast for Dinner
  Comfort Meals
  Tailgating Treats
  Endless Summer
  Caribbean Delights

Any suggestions for upcoming themes? Post a comment and let us know! :)

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  1. These ideas are great! How about a "Soups" night? I like to have a starter soup, and the next day, add a can of this, or chopped up veggie, and the next day throw in pieces of left-over chicken. But your group could do a veg soup, a creamy soup, a hearty soup (like tortilla), etc.