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Monday, November 29, 2010

Kitchen Games

The day after Thanksgiving marks the first day of the Christmas season! So Jojo, Laura, my mom and I gathered in the kitchen to make Christmas cookies. By the numbers: 10 different types of cookies, 3 kitchen-aide mixers, 6 full Christmas tins, over 200 cookies and who knows how many cups of flour (plus about a cup that made it on the floor).
That night, it was time for another Hill family Thanksgiving tradition-- Crazy Hat Uno! This is my most favorite night of Thanksgiving break. Chris and I keep an eye out for hats throughout the year and look forward to unveiling our finds.
In addition to the basic Uno rules, you must wear your hat throughout the game. If you are caught without a hat at any time during the night, you must immediatly draw two.
I love games and I love crazy hats. But I especially love chants and cheers. Which is why I'm often the loudest when a Green 8 is thrown down ("Greeeeeeeen Eight-cres is the place to be!") or a Red 9, Blue 2 or Yellow 8... etc.

Crazy Hat Uno is just another reason that Chris and I are thankful for good friends and family.

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